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A call has gone out, seeking those of the nation willing to come and to guard a newly discovered caern. The caern is rural, and comforts limited, but the sacred place is that very, truly rare thing; a caern discovered gaian and pure. The area is being prepared…. indeed, in some cases, everything was discovered as if abandoned…. But it is clean and needs protection. There is no other sept nearby - just hillsides, rivers, pools and streams.

The sept lies on a plateau formed by a pale quartz outcropping above a small river north of Noatak, with trees beneath it in the valley and the foothills of the mountains rising above it. The area is deeply quiet and tranquil - the caern is one of calm, aiding the garou in resisting frenzy and finding surcease in war.

XP: 3xp per month in active play. Additional points may be given for exceptional rp, quests or for downtime activities.

Lores: 5 starting and thereafter earned through roleplay rather than bought with xp.

To get started, take a look at our Setting page or meet the Characters.

To help you all track it, here is a place to keep track of your Renown. You are welcome to put Quotes here.

For members of a particular auspice, here is a place for things that you might notice or known… Auspice Information

And here, for those who look into it, is some Sept History.

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