Auspice Information

This area is perfect for traps. Little valleys and clefts, rocky overhangs, small streams to hide scents, heaps of shale for avalances… the works.

The spirits whisper of pollution spread by oil companies, of dark things in the water and below the ground. The water spirits are strong in cleansing power and the air spirits move over vast areas before they pass by the hills above the sept. There are animals spirits around, those which are prey are naturally fearful of garou. Wolf spirits are wary, but talk.

There are some lupus kin in the area, and the local politics are Native American; the local settlements have simple local governments and relatively little corruption. There are few others in the area to speak of.

Tales of the area do mention battles here and septs here, but they are old tales and vague whispers. At times, it seems, no garou held the sept, but neither did the wyrm. Perhaps the wyld did?

This area is hard to defend. There are endless places to hide, and hidden approach lines along the valley. There is, at least, plenty of food and water locally and it is a good place for training and exercise.

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