Caern Heart

The Caern Heart can be accessed only one way - down a set of broken stone steps leading down from the main room of the Main Hall. These steps are worn with age, and the walls of the stairway are carved with glyphs for purity, calm, respect, spirit and similar concepts. Hanging above the entrance arch are a set of windchimes which sound if anything of the wyrm or wyrm tainted approaches them.
Inside the arch is a bubble of a chamber, seemingly naturally formed, with alcove-like cracks here and there, including some which are curtained off. The room is lit by candles, and by the moonlight shimmer of the pathstone, which is embedded in the rock of the floor.
In a semi-circle around the end of the room which does not contain the pathstone, are set a number of shrines honouring the totem spirits of each tribe (including Chimera) and also some additional spirits such as Bear. These shrines are very individual in nature, from a simple metal dish of inky dark water on Uktena's shrine to a profusion of knicknacks on Rat's. They all display offerings to the spirit they are dedicated to, and all are well-tended to.
The atmosphere in the room is one of deep stillness and calm, such as that found in the deepest forests and mountain valleys. The air is cool but not cold, and even the most rage-brimming ahroun finds their rage burns less hot here. Minor annoyances slip away, and the umbra feels very close as the guantlet thins here to its weakest point.

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