Cirque du Slay

Pack Name: Cirque du Slay
Pack Totem: Sphinx, Chimera, Raven, or maybe Raccoon … we'll get back to you once we decide.
Pack Purpose: Investigate the "haunted circus" in Homestead, Florida; deal with the "demon" fomor known as Xaphan

Pack Alpha: Nadja Strikes-in-Darkness
Pack Beta: Joshua "Honors-the-Old-Ways" Talltrees

Pack Members: Nadja Strikes-in-Darkness, Sybil Angelis, Joshua "Honors-the-Old-Ways" Talltrees, Spits-the-Truth

Deceased Members:

Pack Allies and Relatives: Alexander Slayer-of-Legends (Silent Strider), Nefelimore (Black Fury), Kat (Corax)

Notable Pack History: n/a

Common Knowledge Among the Nation: n/a

Rumors: n/a

Totem Stats: TBA

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