Dmitri Kowalchuk

Name: Dmitri Vassily Kowalchuk

Deed Name: Ambassador

Tribe: Silver Fang

Auspice: Philodox

Rank: Cliath

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits:

Pack: None

==Information known to the Nation==


Kin / family:
Wife - Mercetis Desoto Kowalchuk
Daughter - Kyra Kowalchuk

Bachelors, Business Management (PSU)
Bachelors, Accounting (PSU)

Rites and Challenges:



  • Takes a sip and then stares angrily at the glass…" What is this crap? Being slavic I am ashamed they even put the word vodka on this."
  • "I was not looking at her lovely behind……. Damnit!"
  • "You must of been so great, I lost the memories entirely"
  • "Well then good to know I can cuddle you without fear of

maiming or death."


== Rumors ==

  • He's uptight and traditional Silver Fang, why did he mate the Glasswalker?


==OOC Information==

Player: Elios

Location: PA, USA

Contact info:

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