Haley Anderson

Name: Haley Anderson
Deed Names: Wings-of-Change, Kinfinder
Breed: Homid
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Glass Walker
Pack: N/A

Physical Description / Notable Traits: Haley is a moderately tall, slightly tanned woman with a healthy, vibrant flow about her. She has long, black hair with red coloring mixed in and deep, dark brown eyes. She has a thin, toned, and appealing figure and tends to wear mostly sleeveless shirts and jeans or cargo pants with boots even in the winter, apparently oblivious to the cold, with boots, and sometimes the slightest hint of a tattoo can be seen on her lower back. (App 7: Alluring 1, Gorgeous 2, Magnetic 2, Seductive 2).

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:

  • Was adopted into her tribe through mysterious means.
  • Holds a degree in physical anthropology and is a writer for the National Geographic publication.
  • Is known to have gone on treks to find Garou Kin otherwise lost.
  • Has an unusual and previously unheard of Totem spirit, Dragonfly.

Rites / Challenges:

  • Ask her.



  • Haley's totem is actually a covert Wyrm totem.
  • Haley is an infiltrator in her own Tribe.
  • Haley is hiding from whatever her birth tribe is in the Glass Walkers for some offense.
  • Haley is actually an Iron Rider or Tetrasomian.



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