Name: David Spitz
Deed Names: Spits-the-Truth, Moons-the-Wyrm, Leaps-Without-Looking
Breed: Homid
Rank: Adren
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Pack: Cirque du Freaks

Physical Description / Notable Traits: Looks like a stereotypical nerdy Jewish intellectual; picture Steve Gutenberg with glasses.

Or, when he's all dressed up to be Shadow Lordy: http://cm1.theinsider.com/media/0/121/60/steve_guttenberg_naked_jogging.0.0.0x0.400x543.jpeg

Common Knowledge Among the Nation: Probably the world's only Jewish Shadow Lord; does a stand-up comedy routine at Moots; lives in South Florida; claims to be an expert on hunting leeches; carries an ancient Shadow Lord sword.

Rites / Challenges: Oy, don't ask!

Family: Stereotypical Jewish mother — but don't worry about her, you should have a good time while she stays home and suffers, because she wants you to be happy …

Rumors: Spits' entire pack was wiped out during the attack on a BSD Hive, and he's never been completely sane since then. His sword was taken from a BSD and thirsts for blood. Everyone in South Florida is at least slightly mad. Spits knows a lot more than he should about leeches. Spits is trying to take over his sept. His real first name is Melvin. He is spying on the locals for the Shadow Lords.



When riding in T-Bird, Spits-the-Truth generally brings along cassette tapes of the following songs as his "traveling music":
"Travelin' Band," "Bad Moon Rising," and everything else by Credence Clearwater Revival
"Li'l Red Riding Hood," Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs
"Spirit in the Sky," Norman Greenbaum
"Magic Carpet Ride," Steppenwolf
"Born to be Wild," Steppenwolf
"Magic Bus," The Who
"Radar Rider," Jerry Riggs
"Ride wit Me," Nelly
"Southside," Moby
It's Better to Travel and Kaleidescope World, Swing Out Sister

Other songs:
"Brilliant Disguise," Bruce Springsteen
"My Brave Face," Paul McCartney
"Photograph," The Beatles
"Copperhead Road," Steve Earle
"A Country Boy Can Survive," Hank Williams, Jr.
"Simple Man," Charlie Daniels
"Heard It Through the Grapevine," Marvin Gaye
"I Need a Hero," Bonnie Tyler
"I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock And Roll," Nick Lowe
"Bad to the Bone" and everything else by George Thorogood
"Animal," and everything else by Def Leppard
"Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" Paula Cole
"Sinnerman," Nina Simone
"You Get What You Give," New Radicals

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