Mercetis Desoto Kowalchuk

Name: Mercetis Desoto Kowalchuk
Aliases: Mercy, Edelweiss
Breed: Homid
Rank: Kinfolk
Tribe: Glasswalker/Silver Fang

Physical Description / Notable Traits:
She is a slim female her silky black hair is short, blue/ gray eyes, and mocha colored skin. She has clear hispanic features.

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:


• Mother and Father in California
• Cousins Sunshine and Star in Alabama
• Mate - Dmitri Kowalchuk Claith Philodox of the Silver Fangs

  • daughter - Kyra Kowalchuk born March 2010


• She escaped from the clutches of a serial murder/rapist, and her Shadow Lord ex-suitor is tracking the offender down at this time.

• She is a liability to the nation because she was abducted by a potential Wyrm minion

•She is Dmitri Kowalchuk's latest kin fling.

• She has proven herself worthy of being a Silver Fang's Mate to the Silver Fang tribe.


  • Would you like some silver polish for the tarnish on your tongue?
  • I'm a Glasswalker.. walking social disaster.
  • if you call argentine tango cultured.. usually it's referred to as sex on hardwood
  • …"What… You haven't seen Mercetizilla first thing in the morning"
  • …"Drink more water then vodka"


  • Metisse - Boom Boom Ba
  • Angelia Via - Baila, Baila
  • Daddy Yanky - La Gasolina
  • Santana - Into the Night
  • Bond - Victory
  • Bond - Libertango
  • Bond - Seniorita
  • Shaggy - Hey Sexy Lady
  • Shaggy - Summertime
  • Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much
  • Veronica Verdier - Asi Se Baila

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