Nakoma Blackfeather

Player: Kitty

Aliases: Koma, Nak

Creature Type: Kinfolk
Affiliation: Wendigo


Basic Homid Description:
Nakoma stands about 5'6" in height and 110lbs in weight. She has long, feather raven black hair that falls just past her shoulders and frames around the dark almond eyes that peer out to all. She has the dark skin tone of her ancestors of her Native American Heritage. (Wendigo PB3, App 4)

Everyday Outfit:
Nakoma is usually in a pair of worn jeans with a cotton tank or tee shirt. She definately wears a pair of moccasins tied up along her calves.


  • Wyra Blackfeather
    • Father
    • <Deednames here>, Athro Galliard of Wendigo's own
  • Ayiana Blackfeather
    • Mother
    • Wendigo Kinfolk of the Wyandat (Huron) Indians

Common Knowledge

  • Grew up on a reservation just north of Lake Huron and is a part of of the Wyandot tribe.
  • Is a 3rd year college student, studying for her degree within Anthropology with emphasis with tribal affairs
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  • Ran away with young Get of Fenris garou after falling for him and not willing to give him up.
  • Had a crush for her bestie's brother, Thomas Rennick, but that soon disappeared..
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