Natalie River

Name: Natalie River
Deed Names: Leech Bane, Dr. Jones
Breed: Homid
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Uktena
Pack: The Seekers

Physical Description / Notable Traits: Natalie is a youngish woman with long, dark hair and piercing eyes, about 22 years old. Her dress for field work usually consists of khakis, a bag over her shoulder, and whip at her side, along with leather jacket and shirt; when not at work, she usually tends to more goth stylings, though is almost never seen without a brown fedora on top of her head. (2 App)

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:
Natalie is fairly open about the fact that her father was, originally, a lost cub - and that her Ahroun father did, in fact, die of a heart attack on sept. She was a late change, at about 17 years old, an is also known to be, sadly, infertile. Her memory is known to be excessively accurate in most situations, and to quote entire parts of conversations to people verbatim.

It is also fairly well known that Natalie is prone to bouts of bad luck. It's not that everything goes wrong for her in terrible ways, but when she accidentally sets off a trap, for example, it tends to be a trap that sends people running.

Rites / Challenges:

  • Rite of Passage: Natalie does not talk about this overly much, though she does claim that it involved helping to find ways into and raid the home of some vampire blood magicians, thus earning her the name, Leech Bane.
  • Fostern: Involved her going to India to recover a lost fetish. Fairly reasonable, given what she did, and has come back with interesting stories. Pretty much everything seemed to go wrong when it could. Not horribly wrong, but when she set off that trap. The Ragabash who was in charge of the challenge gave her the name "Dr Jones" to commemorate the experience.


  • Father, Garou, Lost Cub who became Uktena Ahroun. Died of a heart attack.
  • Mother, kinfolk.


  • Natalie has been cursed by someone or something, which is why things always wrong for her.
  • Natalie is slightly insane.
  • Natalie's father didn't just die of a heart attack. He was poisoned.
  • Natalie's infertility is just a cover for her being gay.


  • "A plan? I'm making this up as I go along at this point."
  • "That's my lucky hat!"
  • When something goes wrong - "It's not my fault this time. Really, it's not my fault!"


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