Name: Selena Demakis


Age: 6

Breed: Lupus

Rank: Fostern

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Black Fury

Pack: Alpha, The Seekers

Physical Description and Notable Traits:
Selena is a 5'8, female, with well toned visible musculature, but soft curves and a full womanly figure, looking to be in her early twenties while in Homid form, having tanned skin, black hair and faint green eyes. She moves with a sort of predatory grace, firm in posture and her head held slightly in the air. Down the length of her spine, she has line of silver brands denoting each Auspice, starting with the Ahroun between her shoulders and down to the Ragabash at the small. Upon each of her upper arms, she has blue-white brands in the shape of the Ahroun symbol with a circle around them and two arrows crossed through the center. Upon her head, four blue-white wolf toe/claw brands are clearly visible, and the crown of her head has the center paw print in the same coloration, producing stark white hair from its origination, as if a very large wolf had set its paw to her head and left its image upon her.

When in Lupus, she possesses notably black fur, and faint green eyes that are ever alert and watching. Her brands are clearly visible within this form, each producing fur of the same coloration as the brand. She looks approachable to most Garou and those that aren't directly intimidated by her, almost a softness that is betrayed by her distinct alpha-wolf posture.


Notable History:

Selena, born in the stretches of North Carolina's wilderness, mother a part of the Black Fury Lupus breeding program. She was raised in a pack of her own siblings and other wolves on the edges of the bawn in a primarily Black Fury sept. She was not long a Cliath before being sent to Bright Futures to, as she says, learn.

Common Knowledge (General / Mortal Society):

* Little to nothing is known of her amongst Mortals.

Common Knowledge (Known to the Nation):

* During her First Change, she was a participant in the protection of her pack's territory, defending against a pack of Black Spirals who had come to scout.
* When a Cub, she was taught to side-step, and after her Den Parent and the other cubs had gone back, she wandered off.. Coming back some time later, changed and different with knowledge beyond that of a Cub. Her rank as a Cliath was achieved shortly thereafter.
* She possesses some kinship to Lunes, Selene, and Luna herself amongst other Celestines and spirits of Lunar orientation.


* Her markings are a reminder of something, whether it be the displeasure of the Spirits or the Incarnae, Luna, herself.
* She shows displeasure to Weaver objects, openly destroying them when no one is looking.
* Males, just like any other Black Fury, anger her and are throated on sight.
* She believes that she is not only at an even level with males, but superior to them. "I can do anything better than you."
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* Kevin
* IC: She has no cell phone. Howl at your own risk, or send a Spirit… She prefers Lunes.

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