Sept History

I have laid out below some facts about the sept. I have split them up according to the lores you might need to know in order to know these facts. If you have lore at 4, you'll know all the previous things too. If you're new to the area, you might not know it all before coming. If you do not have the lore but were told ic, then you were told ic and you know. This is just a guide for those who didn't know and might feel they really should have.

Garou / Uktena / Wendigo Lore 1
The Caern of the Watchful Eye was discovered, apparently unguarded and empty, but Gaian, five or six years ago.
The Sept of the Watchful Eye has been around for some time and there is evidence around of former garou who served here.

Garou / Uktena / Wendigo Lore 2
The Caern of the Watchful Eye formerly had other caern totems and names.
The Sept of the Watchful Eye once had links with other Alaskan caerns including one near Anchorage which is now gone.
The Caern of the Watchful Eye was once held by Uktena, Wendigo and Croatan to judge by general garou history and graves discovered.

Garou / Uktena / Wendigo Lore 3
The Sept of the Watchful Eye used to be called the Sept of Northern Lights and some of the garou in the Hall of Hallowed Heroes knew it by that name.
The older burial site of the caern is pre-Northern Lights, and this burial site was violated but is now lost. This suggests the caern was at some time taken by the wyrm.
There were once tunnels beneath the sept which were even older than the violated burial site.

Garou / Uktena / Wendigo Lore 4
The Sept of the Northern Lights was associated with the Uktena practice of bane binding and such a binding exists below the deepest tunnels of the sept.
The tunnels below the sept were blocked off deliberately the last time they were used (pre-Northern Lights but not pre-burial site). They were never re-opened and used, though the burial site implies that at some time those who used them died and were buried en-mass by others. Individual burials continued after this time until the site was abandoned and later violated.
The graves at the older site include Croatan, Uktena and Wendigo individuals, and also a Stargazer.

Garou / Uktena / Wendigo Lore 5
The Sept of the Watchful Eye was known as the Sept of the Midnight Sun when the Uktena / Wendigo / Croatan held it. It has also been known as the Sept of Koda's Tears, the Sept of Tears Strength and the Sept of Mystery's Gate. Caern totems included Bear, Chimera, and Grandfather Thunder.
There are gaps during which the caern does not seem to have fallen to the wyrm but garou lore does not mention the caern at all. It is rumoured the Stargazers or the Fera held it at these times.
The caern has been attacked periodically. Many of the accounts hold certain things in common - darkness spread over the sky, attacks came from below, and the caern was betrayed by one of its members.

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