Name: Simon, Heeds the Spirits Way

Tribe:Child of Gaia

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Fostern


Notable Traits:
Heeds stands 5'10" in height, he has a slim build with long dark hair often worn loose. He has a strong, attractive , bearing but doesn’t look built to fight. He often wears baggy clothing of light colours that covers most of him up.

In crinos and lupus Heeds has an intensely silvery pelt (you would more expect this on a silverfang).

He always seems to be trying to help and find something to do, he likes spending time with people and is always willing to do what he can. Heeds putts others before himself it would seem.

He likes spending time in the Umbra, he seems more relaxed when there away from the world of the flesh. Always willing to go with others on Umbral journeys.

(App 4: Alluring, Elegant, Gorgeous, Magnetic. Pure Breed:5 )

Pack: Has yet to join a pack in the local area

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family: His farther travels and sometimes visits him, taking him on long walsk through parts of the Umbra. His mother is dead

== Rumors ==
His mother died giving birth to him.

He is in the sept because some very important Silver Fangs want to kill him, because of who his mother was.

He has an avid interest in rituals performing and learning them.


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