The Seekers

Pack Name: The Seekers
Pack Totem: Chimera
Pack Purpose: Collection of lore, locating and retrieving lost artifacts and fetishes

Pack Alpha: Natalie River
Pack Beta: Hypatia Night-Eye

Pack Members:
Natalie River
Hypatia Night-Eye
Megan Smith

Deceased Members:

Pack Allies and Relatives:

Notable Pack History:

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:


Totem Stats:
Chimera is an enigma. She of Many Faces is the master example for the Stargazers tribe, who earn her special favor for their willingness to pierce through layers of illusion and confusion to find inner wisdom.

Traits: Enigmas x 3, and Chimera’s children gain the Mental Trait Insightful permanently. Each pack member can disguise himself or something else while in the Umbra by making a Static Gnosis Challenge against seven Traits. Each pack member gets a two-Trait bonus to challenges involving riddles, dream interpretations and other applications of Enigma. Each pack member also gains two Wisdom. Stargazers notice the affiliation, but seldom let it sway their judgment.

Ban: Chimera requires only that her children must seek enlightenment.

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